I believe states should be able to tackle big tech, multinationals, as well colluding companies, by passing legislation that first identifies these companies as predatory monopolies, utilities, or cartels. After that, these companies’ behaviors could be reined in, by insisting that they don’t act in a discriminatory manner on the basis of political persuasion, and they don’t deprive anyone they service, of the standard of free speech, our government must adhere to.

So while it may be difficult for states to constrain an ordinary company to respect its customers’ free speech rights, large companies wielding significant market power, can be declared subject to antitrust law, then they should be able to be constrained by passing state laws, as antitrust laws.

Patmore Douglas 5/26/2021 9:42:00 PM

The best performing students in the U.S. are minorities (Asians). The worst performing students in the U.S. are also minorities (Blacks and Hispanics). Whites are actually in the middle. But the Left selectively show data, that promulgates their fake narrative, that minorities are held back because of general / systemic racism. The truth of the matter is that some minorities are being held back, through the denial of school choice, as well as the targeted moral degradation of their communities - in conjunction with government dependency  programs. So who are sabotaging Blacks and Hispanics? In which schools and districts are Blacks and Hispanics underperforming the most? Democrat districts. You will also find the Left control much of the media Blacks and Hispanics listen to and watch, and therefore have an extremely disproportionately high level of influence on their culture, which is in turn highly impactful on shaping of the moral characters of children, who aren’t in families, in these communities.

So on careful examination, you will see that the political party that condemns America for racism, is the one sabotaging the lives of minorities, in order to hold up their failed lives, as evidence of racism. It is a scam!

The above also explains why the Left are annoyed with Asians. Asians’ performance over Whites, undercuts the Left’s narrative, that minorities cannot succeed, unless society is altered (in ways prescribed by them) so that this can happen.

Patmore Douglas 5/23/2021 11:15:00 AM

If conservatives really want to be able to sue big tech, I believe they should pass a law making it illegal within a Red state (Florida for example), to discriminate against someone on the basis of political persuasion or viewpoint. The state should also pass a freedom of speech law, that mirrors the 1st Amendment, that applies to all organizations - including private ones. Conservative writers, influencers, etc. should then move to that state, and open shop on big tech. Remember, discrimination against conservatives, and violations of the 1st Amendment, don’t just happen with popular big tech: they happen with banks, ISPs, and several other classes of businesses. The above approach allows conservatives to sue and bring down big tech in state courts. The above also destroys Cancel Culture. 

If the above is multiplied across all Red states, we can bring big tech, and other oligarch multinationals to their knees. Also pass an antitrust law, that bans political collusion, among the vast majority of organizations. This will break up globalism within Red states.

Patmore Douglas 5/19/2021 3:18:00 PM

I agree with Thomas Sowell’s assessment of the Left. Some people think that Democrats control blacks and other groups, largely through government dependency. Actually the Democrats demoralize and control blacks and native Americans in particular, as well as other parts of American society, through both government dependency, and by collapsing morals in our society.

A virtuous man will not become lazy and useless when given handouts. A virtuous man will take his free gifts from the government, and invest them in things that produce a return. The virtuous man’s free gifts will inspire industriousness, not laziness.

The above is why we see the Left through the institutions they control (Education, Entertainment, etc.), driving the morality of American society, into the ground. That is why for example we see the Left hold up criminals as heroes, and licentiousness as freedom. To guard against the collapse of the America by the Left, it is not enough to counter the Left’s effort to expand government dependency: we must also foil their attempt, to collapse our society’s morals.

Patmore Douglas 5/18/2021 1:53:00 PM

Republican politicians are way too polite. If I was Rand Paul in this video, I would have continually accused Fauci of funding the development of coronaviruses at the Wuhan lab, that were consistent with the virus that was unleashed by China on the world. I would have also presented numbers that showed the statistical odds of one of a handful of labs, developing gain of function coronaviruses, that behave the way COVID-19 behaves, that happens to be in the vicinity where COVID-19 was initially detected, makes the Wuhan lab (which Fauci funded) the most likely source of COVID-19. This makes it highly likely, that Dr. Fauci bears some culpability for the virus, and it devastating the world. The above is also grounds for Dr. Fauci to be subject to an investigation - from a capable, non-partisan, investigative body. Also, given that it is inappropriate for a suspect in a crime, to be giving advice in matters concerning the crime (for example, a kidnapping) it is highly inappropriate for Dr. Fauci to be advising over how to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, in front of America, for which the virus he likely funded, caused serious damage.

Patmore Douglas 5/11/2021 2:31:00 PM

The party that wails over kids mistreated at the border under Trump (which really wasn't the case) pile in several times as many kids (who come illegally over the border) into detention facilities, in the middle of a pandemic. Democrats then act as if they care about ‘the children’.

Also, Democrats purposely ignore data that indicate that children are less affected by COVID-19, than they are by the flu, and that they are not transmitters of COVID. The left then persecute children with: social isolation (similar to what is given to the worst inmates in prisons); the requirement to wear masks; as well as other onerous, superfluous medical restrictions – if they are allowed to return to school.

Remember also, the Democrat party is the party of the slaughter of the unborn.

Apparently the above sins of the Democrats are not enough. Now the Left want to surreptitiously replace the education of American children, with toxic, hateful, tribalistic indoctrination (critical race theory), meant to fracture American civilization at its core. The Left target American children, by indoctrinating them with all manner of sexual perversions.

The Left are actually trying to popularize and spread gender dysphoria to American children: to literally mass infect them with a severe psychological disease. The Left then want to perform genital mutilation on them, and then subject them to chemical castrations. (These are punishments reserved often times for the worst sex offenders in our society.)

The Left are the stewards of American children, who teach them right from wrong. Not only are Democrats hypocritical, they mean American children grave harm (which they hide), and it would behoove parents to closely watch their children, and take measures to ensure their safety.

School choice!

Patmore Douglas 5/9/2021 11:02:00 PM

When the oldest, most racist institution in all of America (the Democrat party) condemns America for its (the Democrat party's) own racism, and never owns up to what it did, don't pay attention to it and its fake piety. Democrats are anything but honest, and seek only to delegitimize America on moral grounds, using a bait and switch technique. (The Democrat party points to it’s own sins, accuse America of committing them, then condemns America for the things it did.)

Why does the Democrat party do this? It is a Saul Alinksy technique, from Alinksy's "Rules for radicals":

‘Rule 4: Make opponents live up to their own book of rules. "You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity."’

When the Left rhetorically flog America over ‘its racist past’ (which is in fact their racist past) they are applying Saul Alinsky's above rule to delegitimize America, and assert moral superiority over it. It is of course all a scam. They use this technique to obtain and use political capital, to advance their agenda – which is to destroy America, and replace its government with a world government.

Pleading with the Left to not be harsh on America is a waste of time. For 1) they know they are being dishonest and running a scam; and 2) they have no intention of straying from their agenda.

Patmore Douglas 4/29/2021 12:27:00 PM

In a conventional war, one of the first things you do, is take out the enemy's communications. Why? So that its various fighting forces are cut off from one another, and cannot work in a coordinated way against you. The U.S. have done this in many wars, and have handily won, in large part because of it. America is in the midst of an unconventional, 4th generation war, with hostile forces taking over our federal government. We have no way of prevailing against them, save via a strategy, that breaks them up quickly. To that end, it is crucial that Red states (and possibly, local governments) pass antitrust laws, that make it illegal for most organizations to engage in political collusion.

The media in particular, should not be permitted to work in collusion with each other, and other organizations, towards a political end. A major reason our mainstream media is so corrupt, is because of the massive amounts of collusion it engages in, with countless other organizations.

Patmore Douglas 4/29/2021 9:39:00 AM

The following charts, are seen in this interview with Dr. Fauci.

The charts essentially apply to the most vulnerable population (the elderly, and those with underlying health conditions). They do NOT apply to the rest of the population, because the rest of the population do not suffer from the same level of risk as the vulnerable population. Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and others on the Left, do a bait and switch: they purposely ignore for instance, that COVID-19, is much less dangerous to children than the flu. Therefore in as much as children don’t need to wear masks and take other precautions during a flu outbreak, they don’t need to do the same for COVID-19 – which is significantly less dangerous to them. Data also indicate that children hardly transmit COVID-19 to others – shutting down another reason the Left want to torment children with COVID-19 restrictions.

The COVID-19 pandemic drama pushed by the Left, is largely about citing the hospitalizations and deaths of the most vulnerable population to the disease, and suggesting very deceptively, that this situation applies to the entire population. Why would you tell the entire population to endure restrictions  that properly apply to only a relatively small percentage of the population, for any other reason, but to exert maniacal control over the entire population? The above is essentially the heart of the Left’s COVID-19 control scheme.

Patmore Douglas 4/28/2021 9:15:00 PM

The whole premise of the COVID-19 lockdowns is: everyone must be locked down, just in case someone has the virus, and poses a mortal threat to someone else. The above vagueness, is the foundation of the tyrannical lockdowns many of us experienced.

Our society, through our constitution, only denies liberty, to those we know with a reasonable degree of certainty, pose a threat to the rest of society. For example, a suspect in a criminal case, is generally only denied bail, if there is strong evidence he committed a significant, harmful crime, and it is reasonable to believe he may do it again, or is a flight risk. Otherwise, the suspect is allowed to be free, if he can make bail.

Our society for the first time, denied freedom to people en masse, on the basis that they may be a threat to others - having no level of certainly that they are in fact a threat to others. How on earth is this constitutional? Even when Americans of Japanese ethnicity were interned during WW II by Democrat President, Theodore Roosevelt, the reason for the internment was not as indiscriminate as the reason for the lockdowns, mask mandates, and other incursions we have had on our liberties. Yet the same Democrat party activists who decry the Japanese internment as a grave sin of America (which their own party initiated), are perfectly happy when a similar injustice happens on a much larger scale.

Our courts should have ruled a long time ago, public health officials cannot enact health policy indiscriminately, and can only apply restrictions to individuals they know with a reasonable degree of certainty, pose a significant threat to others. Public health restrictions, must be applied in as specific a manner, as is reasonable.

There is a reason Dr. Fauci advised in the realm of vagueness. There is a reason Dr. Fauci never discriminated between children, regular adults, and those with underlying health conditions (along with the elderly): because that was the key to the Left being able to rule tyrannically. If Dr. Fauci differentiated between the different demographics that COVID-19 affect differently, he would have had no basis to justify broad lockdowns, mask mandates, and supporting other acts of tyranny. By conflating the effects and dangers COVID-19 posed to the elderly and those with underlying health conditions, with how the virus affects the rest of the population, Dr. Fauci and the Left, were able enact tyranny against the people of the United States, and the rest of the world.

Patmore Douglas 4/27/2021 6:23:00 PM