Unraveling America from within – the path of the Left towards a global government

The Left is successfully managing to guilt Americans into doing things which are against their interests. They are making Americans okay the erasing of their history, based on the idea that confederate symbols are oriented around slavery - even though at the time of slavery, just about every other country engaged in the practice. If the Left truly cared about America, it would say let bygones be bygones. Instead, the Left is manipulating the conscience of America, into destroying itself from within, in order that the Left’s objectives may be achieved.

Patmore Douglas 8/17/2017 5:54:00 PM

The number one goal of the Left, is to erect a world government. To do that, the Left needs to unravel the United States, which would collapse western civilization, and much of the world would follow. Though interestingly enough, Russia would become an important stumbling block. This is why the Left has been accusing president Trump and Russia of collusion. They are the two greatest impediments to globalists seeing their plan come to fruition. If the Left can take down president Trump through an information war campaign based on false accusations, it could recover the United States, and put pressure on Russia to acquiesce, or else try to go to war with Russia.

The Left’s attack on the United States is multipronged. They are engaging in a cultural war to delegitimize the American way of life, by pointing out every conceivable past and present sin, and bludgeoning Americans with it. It hardly matters that America is currently, arguably the most just society there has ever been; the job of the Left is to delegitimize American society any way it can, by pointing out its wrongs, putting Americans on the defense, and then making them acquiesce to the demands of the Left, out of a sense of guilt and fairness. Remember, this is the Left that defends communism, which countries have murdered many millions of its own people; as well as Islam, which is a genocidal, totalitarian religion, that has murdered over 200 million. The Left fantasizes and has colluded with just about all forms to totalitarianism, including Hitlerism. The Democratic party has been the party of slavery and oppression, but by monopolizing just about all areas of thought, it has managed to lay blame on the south for its sins, and convince people that it cares about ordinary Americans.

So why is the Left, and the Democratic party, with totalitarian tendencies, and a horrendous past, pointing out the wrongs of the United States, which pale in comparison to the sins of other countries? (Remember, at the time America had slaves, so did just about every other country. Even Native Americans had slaves.) So that the Left can hack away, and eventually destroy the fabric of American society, including the American constitution. The Left has decided that its most effective tool is to exploit America’s past racism, which it is using to undercut the moral authority of president Trump, as well as America itself.  Pointing out America’s past racism, is giving the Left license to take down confederate monuments, and question much of America’s moral authority. Things will not stop until the constitution is delegitimized and obliterated, giving the Left license to rewrite our constitution towards one oriented around a world government.

Shutting down the First Amendment to appease people’s feelings is an important first step. You can see it happening and being accepted in so many places, including Fox News, as many contributors beam with pride, at the shutting down of viewpoints, such as the firing of James Damore, the engineer from Google, who criticized Google’s diversity and inclusion policy.

The Left is engaged in an information war to take down America from within. When will the Trump administration wake up and take effective action against it? Time is running out! It is a fallacy to think that economic improvements to the United States alone will remedy the situation. Also, something has to be done about mainstream media. It is undermining the stability of our country. Our country cannot tolerate for much longer, the gross abuse that’s taking place by these entities, as they seek to destabilize and unravel our country. We are a country in an unconventional war. Islam managed to conquer many countries throughout its history, with unconventional wars, using for example migration. The Trump administration and America need to wake up and take the threat of the Left seriously, or else things will degenerate to the point, where we wind up having another civil war.