The manipulation of our society into racial strife by the Left

Conservatives need to be careful about getting sucked into the racial chasm being created by the Left. Conservatives need to focus first and foremost on the fact that this is not a genuine issue. It is just another means to the Left’s end goal to delegitimize American society. The Left want no serious discussion about the issue of race, for which their party, the DNC, have always been the most guilty actor. If conservatives want to help African-Americans out, do continuous outreach, and teach African-Americans how to achieve success according to conservative principles, which have proven to be the most successful route to do so.

Patmore Douglas 9/29/2017 5:21:00 AM

Conservatives need to be wary of racial traps set by the Left. Once a conservative steps in one of those traps, the chasm of racial division will likely widen, much to the glee of the Left. In this video, a Left-wing commentator is just loving how Tucker Carlson is almost completely on the defensive, and how she is seemingly able to undermine any righteousness he has, by virtue of the fact that he is white. That is what the Left does: they are masters of accusing people of crimes, as they commit those crimes themselves. (In this case, the guest commentator behaves as if she is morally superior to Carlson, by virtue of the fact that she is black, and he is white, while suggesting that Carlson is racist, by virtue of the fact that he is white.)

The Left are master manipulators. They are orchestrating the descension of our society into racial strife, while acting as if they are innocent, and just want to get to the bottom of things. The Left want to get to the bottom of nothing! They ignore, and in fact are responsible by far, for most of the afflictions of African-Americans, as they rule over inner cities (which they have done for decades), where most of the problems are present. The Left absolutely refuse to implement policies that would solve the greatest problems of African-Americans (high crime rates; high incarceration rates; economic hopelessness, etc.), but instead focus on statistically insignificant, individual acts of injustice by cops against blacks, because it is politically advantageous for them to do so. They then encourage NFL players to take up their politically, racially divisive cause, while having the players ignore the fact that they refuse to adopt policies that would reestablish families in the African-American community, and strengthen them by doing things like fostering school choice, which are the antidote for the greatest afflictions of the African-American community.

In short, NFL players have become unwitting puppets of the Left, as the players allow the Democratic party of racism and slavery, to blame other whites for their crimes, as the players chase down statistically marginal issues to their community, and ignore the grave harm that has been done to them by the racist Democratic party, which purposely obliterated their families, drove out Christianity from their community, and keeps much of them in the bonds of government dependency, so that they can feed off their votes.