Restraining an abusive Press monopoly

When we see an element of society abusing its power, its citizens have a right apply restraints to it, to get it to behave righteously again, or at the very least, to act less abusively. People don’t believe this applies to the press, because (surprise!) it is the press which suggests its exemption from this universal rule. The press is supposed to be an invaluable watchdog of the integrity of our democracy. If we allow it to be corrupted beyond usefulness, we seriously put the integrity of our democracy in jeopardy. It goes without saying, this should not be allowed, and the government, acting as representatives of the people, should restrain the press, consistent with our constitution, to ensure its integrity is preserved.

Patmore Douglas 1/18/2018 2:30:00 AM

You hear a lot of people push the notion that the press is beyond restraint or reproach. This is utterly bogus! You even hear the suggestion over at Fox News. Nothing is beyond restraint or reproach, save that which acts righteously. A judge, by virtue of his position, is not untouchable. A priest, by virtue of his position, is not beyond rebuke. Only judges and priests who actually behave righteously, are beyond reproach. The corollary of the above, is that it is perfectly okay to constrain and reproach the media, when they abuse their power – just like any other entity. This should be done extremely carefully, but there are circumstances when it is justifiable. The fact of the matter is that the Left has completely politicized mainstream media, to the point where it has become utterly corrupt, and has been weaponized to take down the U.S.'s duly elected Donald Trump presidency.

If the behavior of mainstream media is not an abuse of power, I don't know what it is. From the phony Russian collusion scandal, to the Left considering charging president Trump with obstruction of justice, to the Left trying to take down president Trump with charges by women paid to make accusations against him, to the notion that president Trump is not mentally competent for his job - it should be plain to anyone who is able to see patterns, that there is tight coordination among mainstream media, the Democratic party, Hollywood, and many other actors on the Left, to manufacture lies about president Trump, in order to remove him from office.

President Trump should not listen to those who say he should not restrain or even rebuke the press. You restrain or rebuke anything that acts unrighteously. (You would even do so with God - though God acting unrighteously is an impossibility, because of contraints imposed by His nature.)

At the very least, the collusion among media companies themselves, and other actors, which form a cartel, needs to be broken up. It is illegal, and way too dangerous. It is a threat not just to the U.S. presidency, but to every other political office in the land. It is also a threat to every individual and organization the left-wing media cartel views as a threat. The media having the ability to make coordinated efforts to take out Republican politicians and other targets they disapprove of, with blistering, continuous propaganda, coming from all directions, is not something which should be permitted.

Also, efforts by a political interest to monopolize the media and other sectors of society, must be mitigated by forcing the outlets controlled or influenced by this political interest, to give equal access to major opposing political interests. This was done before, with the Fairness Doctrine, and mainstream media acted with civility then. It needs to be brought back and applied to left-wing monopoly mainstream media, and all sectors of society, that exhibit monopoly political control.