Corruption beyond the point of no return

From mainstream media (along with countless smaller media outlets) being used in a highly coordinated way, to attack President Trump relentlessly with misinformation, since the beginning of his presidency; to that same apparatus being used to give political cover for looting and rioting and other acts of disorder, following the death of George Floyd by police; to this same machine running a psychological warfare operation against the American people, in the way of the highly destructive and exaggerated response to the COVID-19 virus, the Left have shown themselves to be the most dangerous, current threat to American democracy, that must be dealt with via prosecutions, and the dissolution of their networks.

Patmore Douglas 12/15/2020 9:37:00 AM

For decades, the Left have been subverting institution after institution in the United States. To what end? It is an effort to eventually exert complete control over the United States, while having no meaningful opposition.

The reason our founding fathers baked in the separation of powers principle into our system of government, is to prevent government powers from coalescing, and becoming a threat to Americans and their individual liberties. The Left have been working to get around this for decades, by coalescing private powers (mostly mainstream media, Hollywood, the music recording industry, big tech, and other multinationals) as well as other networks of power such as our education system, many in the finance industry like banks, the courts with activists judges, voting networks, etc. All these networked powers, now work in coordinated ways, to undermine American society, and to advance their political goals, the most important of which is the establishment of a world government, in the wake of a crushed and decimated western civilization.

So how exactly do the Left subvert institutions? The Left turn institutions into activist organizations, where their goals are to advance aspects of the Left’s agenda - alone or along with others. These political goals eventually supersede the original goals of the institutions, and often times render the institutions compromised. A good example is how the FBI and DOJ, ran rogue investigative operations against President Trump (which later morphed into the Mueller probe), under the pretext that Trump was a Russian agent. The actors did this to find evidence of illegal activity in President Trump’s life, they could present to Congress for impeachment and removal from office. Documents show that the idea to try and take down President Trump, was conceived by Hillary Clinton - his political opponent in the 2016 elections. So a highly prominent member of the Democrat party, was able to weaponize two largely apolitical government agencies (the FBI and DOJ), to try and effect a highly corrupt ouster of the President of the U.S. from office. Also, this happened under the control of President Trump, who supposedly controlled these agencies.

If you look at the subject of transgenderism, psychological texts and psychology itself, have been altered to take the stance that this serious form of delusion  / mental illness, is a legitimate lifestyle choice, which should NOT be remedied like all other forms of delusion, but instead, should be affirmed and indulged in, in the most extreme way possible – sex reassignment surgeries. (For example, if someone thought he was Napoleon or a dog, psychology would never encourage him to indulge in his delusion, but would rather encourage him to get past his delusion, and recognize the reality of his situation.) The Left have co-opted and corrupted education, science, politics, law, etc., to drive the narrative that transgenderism (a terrible form of mental illness) is a legitimate lifestyle choice, and it has done so by subverting a slew of disciplines, to advance this highly toxic behavior in society.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg. The Left have subverted our education system, turning it into indoctrination centers. The Left have subverted sex education, turning it into a resource to teach human perversions. The Left have subverted our election systems, and backed them up with activists judges in courts, to control election outcomes, and cement their control of power in Democrat regions. The Left’s political control of big tech, allows them to carry out increasing amounts of censorship of all kinds. Google manipulates search results in ways that favor the Democrats by millions of votes.

The individual rights of Americans, as well as our destination as a nation, have become gravely threatened by the coalition of public and private entities, that make up the Left. This network of powers, is an anathema to our nation's separation of powers principle. It has fostered widespread corruption at levels never before seen in our country, and has put us at a tipping point, such that we will lose our democracy, if Biden ultimately wins the presidency.

If Donald Trump ultimately wins the 2020 presidential election, this network of powers must be broken up, and be made illegal by laws or a constitutional amendment, in order to secure and preserve our democracy in the future.