What we are facing with a Biden presidency

People who think America can be saved after Biden assumes power, are deluding themselves. The Left will move to assert control over all levers of power at breakneck speed, once Biden gets into office. In particular, the Left will quickly move to control the courts – especially SCOTUS. Once this happens, we can kiss our constitution goodbye, because justices on the Supreme Court, will simply interpret our constitution consistent with the Left's agenda. There will be no more constitutional protections for free speech, or the 2nd Amendment. Again this will happen very quickly.

Now given the fervor the Left are showing to lock down our economy, in order to wipe out the American middle class, do not believe the Left will have any compunction about seeing mass starvation, poverty, and disease, that will inevitably happen when you shut down an economy for an extended period. Remember, a modern, sophisticated economy is what sustains the U.S.’ high population. If you shut it down long enough, there will no longer be any support for our citizens in the way of food, health services, shelter, or the creation of wealth. Quite simply, if our economy dies, many of us will die with it. Why? Because in our economy, the overwhelming majority of us are dependent on it to stay alive. Not even the Nazis were so brutal, that they ordered a country they invaded, to shut down their economy. It is one of the most horrific things you can do to a people - and the Democrats are doing it to their own.

Now sometime ago, Eric Swalwell (the Democrat Congressman on the Congressional Intelligence Committee who slept with a Chinese spy) remarked that Americans will turn in their guns, because the government has nukes. Given that the Left are about the depopulation of the earth, and also the fact that they are pushing lockdowns that threaten the very lives of Americans en masse, I wouldn’t put it past the Left to have thought about using nuclear weapons, or other weapons of mass destruction, against their own people.

It is one thing for Americans to rise up if they see their government who cares about them a little, undertake a grave injustice against them. It is another thing altogether for Americans to face off against a government in bed with our enemies (China, Iran, etc.) which has no problems killing off its citizens en masse (like so many other socialist / communist countries) – but with the ability to do so with its own weapons of mass destruction.

In my opinion, if President Trump is a righteous man, he has to use whatever means are at his disposal to remain in office, and eliminate the threat by the Left, globalists, China, and other foreign powers, to the immediate liberty of Americans. How do you walk away from a presidency, when doing so will lead to all but certain death and suffering of Americans, as well as the decimation of our liberties?

Patmore Douglas 1/2/2021 8:09:00 PM