I believe if it is possible, President Trump should issue an executive order, requiring every state election system that is used to elect persons to office, be certified as being secure, and reasonably impervious to fraud. These election systems should be certified by certification bodies, which examine and test these systems, ensuring they are secure, free, and fair.

  1. If the above is not possible, I believe Republicans should look into creating a crowdsource surveillance system. Install cameras in as many places as possible where ballots are collected, distributed,  tallied, and interacted with, and stream the feeds of these cameras to several websites where they can be monitored by volunteers around the clock. (Build safeguards into these systems [including redundancy] just in case Democrat allies in the tech industry, or the deep state, try to interfere with them.)
  2. Repeatedly tell Republican supporters to look out for suspicious voting related activities, and to record and document them with their smartphones. Give these casual watchmen a website location, they can upload surveillance information, and document where it happened.
  3. Request that the Post Office implement at least minimum secure protocols for the handling of ballots, such as routing ballots through secure, surveilled sections of post offices, which the public can monitor. Have mailmen who handle ballots, wear body cams that stream what they are doing in real time. Ensure these streams are accessible to the public, where they can be monitored.
  4. Since election fraud is a federal crime, have federal operatives infiltrate and monitor voter harvesting schemes. Have these operatives document fraud, as well as activists conspiring to commit fraud.
  5. Have an army of lawyers ready to submit evidence of fraud, and request that fraudulent batches of ballots be tossed out, since they violate each voter’s right to have their vote counted honestly. Lawyers should also point out that COVID-19, a strain of the common cold, is of no statistical threat to the majority of adults (about 65%) who have no underlying medical conditions, and that there is therefore no need to employ mass mail-in ballots. If Democrats want to minimize risk to voters, they should simply implore voters with underlying health conditions, to wear masks to polling stations (like they wear masks to the grocery and other stores, and just about everywhere else they go. Democrats can also easily implement social distancing at voting stations – which just about every organization has been able to do.) At the most, Democrats should encourage voters with underlying medical conditions, to request mail-in ballots – not go to a much broader system which is untested, unproven, and ripe for widespread voter fraud and errors.

If Democrats really cared about people, they would have employed the solutions mentioned above - which both protect public safety, and voters’ right to have their votes counted honestly. Instead, Democrats are employing a system, which presents them with enormous opportunities for voter fraud, under the cover of them pretending to care about voter safety.

It is a complete fallacy that elections can either provide safety or fairness for voters (not both), with the current strain of the common cold (COVID-19) going around. Both considerations can be achieved various ways, like the ways suggested above. Also if the courts would rather not throw out ballots because of voter fraud, lawyers should suggest that they do over an election, in a manner that achieves both fairness and safety, and not just allow one consideration but not the other to be met.

Patmore Douglas 9/12/2020 9:51:00 PM